Ring Ring Belt
2018 Public Arts Project
December 7–29, 2018

Opening: December 12, 4–8pm
Donuimun Open Creative Village
Donuimun Open Creative Village
32-1 Sinmunno
South Korea

Sungseok Ahn, Daigoang Chen, Cheolki Hong, Sukjoon Jang, Julien Coignet, Jungyeob Jung, Jieun Kim, Namhoon Kim, Seunggu Kim, Taeheon Kim, Hyewon Kwon, Leehaiminsun, mixrice, Moojin Brothers, Part-time Suite, Rice Brewing Sisters Club, upsetpress, Cultural Space Island Bed, open space BLOCK’s, Yeoju Duji, C&G Artpartment, Drawing Architecture Studio, OCAC

The Ring Ring Belt takes place in 12 buildings of Donuimun Open Creative Village and is divided into three sub-themes: “Gyeonggi Urban Topography,” “Communities Within/Beyond the Belt,” and “Asian Arts Collectives.” The 23 artists and artist teams, hailing from both home and abroad, unravel their seemingly impossible imaginations that move across artistic activities in and out of the megacity, the real and the imaginary of the metropolitan « ring/illusion, » and geopolitical boundaries. It is ultimately an open space that we envision, one that recapitulates the issues of urban reorganization, the relevant social phenomena, and the historical trajectory which consequently connects the scattered coordinates of time and space.


e-flux / Ring-Ring Belt