Re-tracing Buro( Somi Sim & Julien Coignet) / Rien? / 2021 / 2 single channel videos, acryl panel and spray /Exhibition Do You Miss the Future? / Hyundai Blue Prize, Busan, 2021-22

Re-tracing Buro, an urban research collective founded by Julien Coignet and Somi Sim, is based in Seoul and Paris. Rien? takes the urban crisis in the post-Covid 19 world as a departure point from which to examine the signs of anxiety for the future city. The acrylic panel installed in front of the screens is the material used by banks to protect ATMs from protests that occured after the lockdown in 2020 and 2021. This work illustrates contemporary apprehensions about the future, revealing the heightened anxieties of the public and financial power seeking to protect their assets from an undefined future. The French « Rien? », meaning « Nothing », can express the sentiment of misunderstanding, despair or nihilism.